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We offer solutions in configurations for mission-critical enterprise servers that use specialized hardware with low failure rates, CPU redundancy, memory, power and cooling to maximize system uptime.

We also have storage systems, networking and blades configurations made by our highly qualified engineers.

Whether your client needs a basic hardware assembly or complex custom configuration, such as server installation, disk images, custom wiring or operating system installation, our configuration center has record response times.

Most projects are completed within five business days after receipt of the order.

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Specs Audit

As part of our pre-sale service for special configurations, we will make a full audit of suggested componentes to assure compatibility and system integrity for the project. At no cost for you

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We offer a 30 day return policy, even when the product has been unboxed and installed.

* For products in your possession for more than one month or that are outside our official RMA policy, contact your representative to ensure your satisfaction.

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Any DOA product (damaged upon arrival) will be replaced immediately. We will send the product depending on availability in our warehouse.

However, due to our extensive testing procedures and QA, our DOA rates are significantly remote in all configured products.