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Nuestra misión por excelencia es
centrarnos en tus desafíos y necesidades de
abastecimiento para asegurar el éxito de tus proyectos.

Our industry

The Telecommunications industry does not stop. We are living in a time of convergence between technological innovation and deep dependence on it. The constant growth of Internet traffic, particularly in Wireless Data and Video, has turned the industry into the most evolved, inventive, and competitive space.

Manufacturers are not limited to established standards; they continually evolve their products, creating precedents for new standards and new technologies. However, this rapid growth and evolution of the industry carries with it a supply chain problem when manufacturers depend on an obsolete and complicated distribution channel.

TB&A, through an International Network of Associates, is extremely agile in identifying market trends, locating inventories, and qualifying suppliers to supply almost immediately. This agility, in addition to our vertical structure of operation, where we execute logistics and customs processes without relying on third parties, allows us to deliver equipment in record time throughout Mexico and major cities in Latin America.

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Innovation and excelence

We remain at the forefront working with the world's leading manufacturers and distributors and listening to the needs of our customers, we make sure we are prepared to provide solutions to their needs.

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Not only in the products we distribute, but in the acquisition, logistics and distribution processes. You can expect in all your projects our commitment to exceptional delivery times, product quality and guarantees without any hidden costs.

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We consider ourselves strategic partners and we look for each transaction to be a “win-win” for all parties involved. Our goal is to ensure that our partners grow their businesses based on our agile processes and competitive prices.

Our goal

"We are focused on satisfying the demands of our customers, always seeking the best solutions for any approach or need.

We firmly believe that people and their relationships are the driving force behind every operation in our company. Therefore, we always strive to achieve the best business outcomes based on strong and trustworthy relationships."

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Nuestra metodologia

Request for proposal (RFP)

We receive a request for quotation (RFP) with a list of equipment and configurations, ideal delivery times, financing needs and target budget.

Our proposal.
We will identify the requested products and their availability to present the quote with a price and an estimate of delivery times. In the case of special configurations, the Engineering team will be involved to ensure that the parts list includes all the necessary components for said configuration.
Purchase Order.
Once you’ve evaluated and approved, you will send out a Purchase Order to begin the process of supply, customs management and importation. Keeping you informed of the process and estimated times of the operation at all times.
Record-time deliveries
We deliver in record time at the door of your business in Mexico, USA or Latin America. We can even send directly to your client's address (Blind-Drop shiping). We invoice as a Mexican company in dollars or pesos at the exchange rate on the closing day of the operation.

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